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Friday, September 23, 2016 — Vienna, Brussels, 17.00 CET –


Emakina Group (ALEMK_BB - ISIN : BE0003843605) reports extra information concerning its acquisition operation of k.section, published on 22 September 2016.

On 22 September 2016 Emakina Group SA announced taking 100% control of the capital of k.section, through its Vienna-based subsidiary Emakina Central & Eastern Europe Gmbh.

The company k.section, also based in Vienna, is  a certified partner of world leading CRM-solutions like Siebel/Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, and Salesforce.
k.section´s team successfully defines, implements and manages business critical CRM projects.

The purchase price amounts to 385,000 euros paid in cash. The final value of the transaction will be based on operational results recorded by k.section until 2019.
The payment of the additional price will be executed partly in shares and partly in cash.

The annual turnover in 2015 of k.section totaled EUR 1.4 million while the EBITDA (operating income before depreciation and amortization) reached a value of EUR 0.2 million in the same year 2015.

k.section will improve the consolidated turnover of the group in 2016 in similar proportions as a 2015 "pro rata" and will have a positive financial impact on the consolidated EBITDA of Emakina Group in the last quarter of 2016.

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Karim Chouikri               
Chief Executive Officer                         +32(0)2 400 40 75        kch@emakina.com 

Frédéric Desonnay      
Chief Financial Officer                          +32(0)2 788 79 26        fds@emakina.com 

Luc Malcorps                  
Director of Media Relations             +32(0)2 788 79 73        lma@emakina.com


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CRM-Expert Mark Kaslatter and his team at k.section join Emakina Group