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Emakina partners with IBM on customer experiences and cognitive computing

Emakina, the full service digital transformation agency, announces a new and strategic partnership with IBM. With this step, Emakina develops its service offering around the IBM solutions focusing on cognitive systems and predictive customer intelligence. Emakina is one of the first European digital agencies to certify its teams on IBM’s cognitive and customer experience technologies.

Emakina, natural partner of IBM in Europe

Emakina, one of Europe’s leading independent full-service digital agencies, is a pioneer in implementing new brand experiences technologies. Since its inception, Emakina’s DNA structurally integrates new digital technology with its customers and partners. This way, they fully benefit from the opportunities offered by technological breakthroughs (Digital, connected objects ...).

Emakina guides its customers in their digital transformation, from strategy to execution. It  now expands its service portfolio by offering the integration of IBM’s artificial cognitive system technologies, predictive analytics and real time consumer behaviour management.

Cognitive systems and data analysis, at the heart of tomorrow's customer experience

Emakina, an expert in user experiences for brands, will now offer its customers the benefits created by the analytical power of Watson, IBM’s cognitive system that understands the subtlety of puns, ambiguities and irony. Applied to commerce, these cognitive technologies for example make it possible to respond in natural language to all clients’ questions, allowing a better understanding of their expectations, and as a result offering the best-suited answers.

The growth of computing power greatly enriches and anticipates consumer insights, boosting data management, and turning it into predictive analytics.

Emakina announces its service offering on customer engagement, to monitor and optimize web and mobile consumer experiences, powered by IBM Tealeaf. This is an online customer experience management tool for user behaviour analysis, detecting bottlenecks on digital platforms, measuring economic impact and making corrections in real time, to increase conversion and customer loyalty.

According to Forrester Research, the integration of IBM Tealeaf technologies systematically results in an increase in turnover of at least 5%.

IBM also partners with Emakina’s Brand Experience Score© research

In addition, IBM becomes an official partner and sponsor of Emakina’s Brand Experience Score© research programme. Launched in 2014, these sectorial barometers are based on the unique Brand Experience Platform© methodology, developed by Emakina after two years of research and development. It allows an in-depth assessment of brand performance not only based on the power of their advertising communication, but also on the score of their consumer experience.

Manuel Diaz, President of Emakina.FR said: "We are extremely proud to count IBM among our strategic partners. With this partnership, Emakina and IBM strengthen their position in the domain of customer experiences, by offering brands the most advanced technologies, to help them empower their digital transformation and increase their conversion potential. "

About Emakina Group SA

Emakina Group (ALEMK:BBK) is a leading independent European digital agency group with global reach. 

More than 900 technology and marketing experts in 12 countries work in concert with their clients to grow their business and brand value. Together, they gain the necessary user insights to develop highly effective strategies and creations. These include cutting-edge applications, websites, e-commerce projects, impactful content and campaigns. 

Emakina Group is listed on Euronext Growth Brussels (ISIN BE0003843605) and reported sales of EUR 80,3 million in 2017 and EUR 46,8 million for H1 2018. 

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