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Emakina and Asiance strategic partnership boosts brands’ online power in Asia and Europe

Digital market leaders build bridges between Asia and Europe

Brussel, Seoul, 15 October ‘15 - Emakina has concluded an exciting new partnership with its Asian leading independant agency counterpart Asiance, headquartered in Seoul. The collaboration boosts Emakina's digital service quality and reach for global customers. As cutting-edge guides in digital transformation and rich customer experiences, both companies now join forces in digital strategy and management, online marketing, websites, mobile projects, e-commerce, and localization.

Capitalising on market trends in Europe and Asia

Both Emakina and Asiance are multi-language organisations, leading in several markets. This gives the partners strategic and operational advantages in delivering first-class cross-market solutions, with localization as part of each answer. The ground-level insight in Europe and Asia enables the two companies to provide global clients with united web and interactive marketing services tailored to cultural and technological specifics of multiple online markets.

Allied digital forces

Emakina's new partner Asiance operates from one of the world’s most developed IT markets, in Seoul, South Korea. It manages projects across Asia, with alliance partners in Japan, China and Russia. Its teams are also cross-cultural, combining English, French, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese languages.

Serving global brands

Both  organisations cater to multinational brands, and local/ regional enterprises and institutions, active in multiple domains, from luxury and FMCG over travel and tourism to automotive, technology, pharma and industry.

Asiance’s client list includes international brands like 3M, Air France, Allianz, American Express, Calvin Klein, Club Med, Dior, Essilor, GoPro, KLM, Lacoste, Montblanc, Nivea, Piaget and Singapore Tourism Board.

‘We’ll do great things together.’

Bosun Kim, Asiance CEO & Co-founder comments:
‘This strategic partnership is an important step for us, to build bridges for our clients to Europe. And we’re already looking forward to share our expertise with Emakina, in delivering Asian localization, understanding of digital convergence and experience with new communication platforms. Together we will boost our client’s brands and customer experiences in both continents!’

Brice Le Blévennec, CEO of Emakina, adds:
‘Online marketing must be carefully adapted to the level of digital infrastructure, and country-specific user behaviour. This is a key value we have in common with our new partners. Emakina also shares Asiance’s commitment to result-oriented strategies, and their ability to implement them with great efficiency and professionalism. We’ll do great things together.’

About Emakina Group SA

Emakina Group (ALEMK:BBK) is a leading independent European digital agency group with global reach. 

More than 900 technology and marketing experts in 12 countries work in concert with their clients to grow their business and brand value. Together, they gain the necessary user insights to develop highly effective strategies and creations. These include cutting-edge applications, websites, e-commerce projects, impactful content and campaigns. 

Emakina Group is listed on Euronext Growth Brussels (ISIN BE0003843605) and reported sales of EUR 80,3 million in 2017 and EUR 46,8 million for H1 2018. 

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